# A multi-language website with Nuxt & Contentful

I'll wrap this in 4 main topics.

  • Technical
  • Leadership
  • Challenge
  • Success


# Technical

# Step 1 - Set up the Environment


  • Asus core i7 9th gen 💻
  • Windows OS
  • WSL - Ubuntu 20.04 OS
  • Git
  • VS Code

Local Setup

Contentful Setup

Contentful Technical Aspect

# Leadership

# Step 2 - Strategy

# Challenges

# Step 3 - Oh boy!

Familiarize with the concepts of Contentful, like:

# Success

# Step 4 - hurrah!, right?

  • We were able to delivery the website and even improve couple of benchmark, for a first version. (Note : Netlify it's just a first iteration of the website)

  • Time taken since setup up to this first iteration (Note : due my first time using contentful)

Benchmark in Wordpress

Benchmark in Wordpress

Benchmark in Netlify

Benchmark in Netlify

Well, because we badly assume the client would want such template we purchased, it turns out that's not what it wants. Nevertheless we still working now, again in the client side.

Well we have to deal with the consequence of our assumptions and move on.

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